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No one knows when or where the next crisis will strike. But we do know that children are disproportionately affected in times of crisis- and often suffer most. In an age of armchair activism and Facebook shares, likes and temporary Facebook rage (usually expressed in a concise status friendly sentence), I’ve been called to action.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Shanti Planti’s 2nd V/A Compilation titled “Middle Peace”. Shanti Planti and the artists involved with this project have devoted much of their time and craft to create an incredible collection of conscious frequencies in a bid to raise funds to help the organization SaveTheChildren provide immediate emergency relief, healthcare, education and protection for children where necessary. STC creates Child-Friendly Spaces for children to safely play and learn, even in the midst of crisis. Unique among emergency responders, Save the Children stays as long as it takes after crisis strikes, helping children, families and communities recover from their losses and rebuild their lives.

For this compilation we will be focusing on raising money for children and families in the Gaza Strip that have been ravaged by recent conflict. We plan on making this an annual affair and hope to build a strong partnership with the SavetheChildren Foundation.

We are incredibly blessed, please help us help our less fortunate brothers and sisters.”

DOWNLOAD HERE: www.shantiplanticharity.bandcamp.com

Arists involved:
Bwoy de Bhajan
Desert Dwellers
Kalya Scintilla
Lunar Sound
Nanuk (Whitebear)
Radioactive Sandwich

From SaveTheChidlren:

‘Children, rather than combatants, are bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict. They need your generous donation to help Save the Children deliver much¬†needed humanitarian ¬†aid. Almost a third of the Palestinians injured are children. Beyond the unacceptable death toll, more than 72,000 children in Gaza are in desperate need of counselling and support after losing close family members, suffering injuries and seeing their homes destroyed. In Israel, we also know that children living in areas under rocket attack are fearing for their lives. Israelis have died too as Israel seeks to end rocket fire from Gaza.’

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All tracks produced by the artist unless otherwise specified.

Artwork by Abzzolum

Mastering by Saxon Higgs/UProoted Mastering